• Additive for paint formulations :

Addition levels from 1 to 5% of BLUESIL BP 9900 compared to the total formulation are typically used.
BLUESIL BP 9900 can also be thinned with water, between 2 to 5% of solids, for a use as water repellent primer. In such formulations, we recommend to add acrylic emulsions.
Our technical department has made a number of tests which can serve as a basis for formulations.
For each new formulation, compatibility between constituents, the finished product and the substrate should naturally be checked.
  • Water repellent for insulating materials :

Well adapted for in-plant treatment of mineral fibres, BLUESIL BP 9900 is to be diluted down to low concentrations : 0.05 to 1%
BLUESIL BP 9900 can also be used as a water repellent for construction materials. There, the solid content of dilutions will be between 1 to 5 %.


BLUESIL BP 9900 储存温度介于 2°C / 36°F 和 30°C / 86°F 之间时,从生产日期开始产品保质 12 个月



BLUESIL BP 9900 为聚硅氧烷非离子水性乳液。
用于涂料防水添加剂, 具有良好疏水作用同时保持涂层透气性。



BLUESIL BP 9900 contributes to good water resistance, water vapour permeability and beading effect.
In coatings, BLUESIL BP 9900 enhances the water repellency of the films, and improves the processability and the antiblocking characteristics.

BLUESIL BP 9900 is an additive specially designed to enhance water repellency of interior and exterior paints, silicate paints, plasters …
BLUESIL BP 9900 can also be used as a water repellent for construction (bricks, tiles …) and insulating materials.





干物含量55MonocompASTM D 5095%
pH值7.5MonocompISO 976

























BLUESIL® BP 9920——用于环保涂料的新型添加剂,-new-additive-for-sustainable-coatings.aspxBLUESIL® BP 9920——用于环保涂料的新型添加剂